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Charlie Lockwood Sound Design
Sample from "Okay, Bye!"

Sound for the Stage

As an actor and sound designer, I thrive on the intersection of storytelling and sound, consistently delivering captivating auditory experiences in theatrical productions. From composing original scores to seamlessly managing cues on stage, I bring creativity, passion and precision to every aspect of sound direction and design. With a strong foundation in sound for live theater that I began developing at Atlantic Acting School and proficiency in Qlab, Foley work and live performance, I'm dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and leaving a lasting impact on audiences through my immersive auditory artistry. 

is a dynamic band, a long-term committed project forged from the creative synergy of myself and my close friends and collaborators. Our sonic identity is a captivating blend of experimental and progressive rock, infused with elements of jazz, electronic, and ambient music. With two full-length albums released, we frequently put on life performances across the NYC area. 

Kid at the corner Trans Pecos April 2024

 Each show is an investigative fusion of sound and performance, inviting our audience on a journey of expression and creativity that transcends the stage. Displayed here are selections from our recent album Peasant Soup, along with our Audio-Visual EP: Matt the Catch, and a selection from our debut album

A Northern Light 

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