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Tunanin has been my video game character username, social media tag and nickname since I was nine years old. I proudly present it as my musical alias and performer name. I take great pleasure experimenting with various audio samples and textures that I manipulate using my Roland SP-404, creating whimsical and warping soundscapes to either stand alone or assist visual backing. Alongside a tight knit musical team, I wrote an original score for Kate Hamill's adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, which was a great pleasure. Shakespeare's Othello and Hamlet have also been put to stage with live Tunanin scoring. Below are select examples of my work.

Tunanin Original Scores 

Little Women Live Score

These are a couple of the practice demos of the live score I did for Little Women. These were performed in costume and onstage as I had to bounce from stage to pit throughout the show.

Improv Rehearsal Footage

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